InterStim Therapy® Now Available

InterStim Therapy® is a neurostimulation device that works by stimulating your body's sacral nerves, which control bladder and bowel function. This small device, placed discreetly in the upper buttock, helps re-establish proper neural communication between the brain and the bladder and/or bowel. As a result, overactive bladder, urinary retention, bowel incontinence, or constipation will be effectively eliminated. 

InterStim is incredibly reliable and safe with minimal risk of complication. The procedure for implanting the device is minimally invasive and is entirely reversible. The limited risk associated with this device and its implantation has resulted in its approval by the FDA. 

Specialty Surgical Center of Encino's Jeffery P. Lake, MD, Colorectal Surgeon, and Jennifer Mehdizadeh, MD, Urologist, are both trained in performing this highly effective surgical treatment of incontinence.